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B´net Wifi offers a full range of broadband internet connections where traditional phone services just dont reach. No Phone Line No Problem! We have you covered....

On these pages we will try to keep you fully informed of all of our new services, including rural
internet access options, new product ranges and services that we are able to offer to our clients.

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Bnet HotSpot News...July 2012


Broadband Internet Access via TooWay Satellite

B´net is now able to offer clients the option of a Tooway Satellite Connection in areas that are outside the coverage of Bnet and-or any of our associate operators.

Tooway allows for high speed internet access with large data download capacity, and is also
compatible with the B´net telephone services.

This really lets us offer Broadband Coverage - Anywhere and Everywhere!!!

Please ask us for details.

Satellite Internet from29 / Month
Bnet Coveraget News: TooWay Satellite Coverage...July 2012


CCTV Cameras / Services and Options

B´net Wifi are pleased to be able to offer our clients the full range of genuine Foscam CCTV Camera products and systems.

These compact cameras connect via RJ45 Lan Cable and/or WiFi, have Night Vision LED Illumination, Pan and Tilt Remote control, inbuilt Motion Sensor that sends you photos via
Email, and we also have outdoor versions available.

B´net offer a full supply and installation service allowing you peace of mind and remote viewing options when your away from your property or business.

Simple, Clever CCTV......Another B´connected Solution

Bnet CCTV Security News: Foscam Remote Control Cameras...June 2012


B´net Hotspot & HotZone WiFi Services

B´net Wifi offer a complete range of wifi hotspot systems so that you can offer your existing and
established clients Free Wifi, and attract new clients to your business attracted by wifi access.

All systems come with options to allow for the sale of Vouchers / Access to users via Paypal.

Free or Revenue Based - Your Choice - Managed Systems from just € 5 per month.

All HotZone systems and services customised for your venues look and feel.

Attract New Clients - Keep Existing Clients Loyal - Offer FREE Wifi

Bnet HotSpot and Hotzone News: Free and Revenue Based Managed Hotspots...May 2012


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