Bnet FAQ Section - Common Questions & Answers

We understand that sometimes we just cannot cover all aspects of our services and all of your questions within the website but below are some of the answers to questions we get asked.

If we have not answered you question.....please contact us and ask us?

Question - How do we know if we are in a Bnet Coverage Area ?
Answer - Please find your GPS location, contact us and we will examine coverage options.

Question - How do I find my GPS location data?
Answer - You can use your cars navigation system, your mobile phone if it is gps enabled, and the best way is to locate your property on Google Earth and save the on screen gps data.

Question - What does your basic install cost and include?
Answer - The basic €125 install fee includes our engineers fitting and aligning a suitable wireless antenna on your property, along with a basic wall support, 10m of outdoor network cable, and approx 2 hours labour.

Question - What Install extras do you charge for?
Answer - If you need a pole and brackets, and / or if you have specific installation requirements that will mean that we need to spend much more time to effect your install then we will charge additional fees, but of course no surprises, we will inform you about these costs before we start the install.

Question - Do your Costs include IVA?
Answer - No....You need to add IVA to all costs - unless we specifically say including IVA.

Question - Is there really a difference between your wifi router models?
Answer - Yes and please remember that blue plastic has always been more expensive. Joking aside the routers all have different characteristics, power output levels and some have special features, so tell us what you need and we will try to guide you towards the correct equipment.

Question - Can I change to you from another service provider - and use my old equipment?
Answer - The simple answer is that we really dont know until we arrive with you and check the old equipment, but if we can try to save you some cash, then we will try our best to help you.

Question - Is your service Skype Compatible?
Answer - Yes our service has no problems with Skype and or voip telephone systems / devices.

Question - Can I share my service with my neighbour?
Answer - You can, but when it comes to business perhaps you must be really sure that this is a good idea as sometimes we fall out with our neighbours.

Question - Can you use my house to send a signal down to my neighbours ?
Answer - Yes we can, and if your neighbours need coverage and your house is the best and maybe only option then we usually offer you a lower cost of service in return for your assistence.

Question - My house is really high and will make a great repeater site ?
Answer - Great, as we are always looking for new sites to help us expand coverage and fill in those little grey zones. Please send us the GPS location, additional details and some photos.

Question - Do you do computer maintenance and repairs?
Answer - No, we leave that to the PC Guy. Ask us and we can refer you to several in this area.

Question - I still have a question - What should I do?
Answer - Relax, read a good book, no seriously - please call or email us and ask.

Bnet FAQ´s...Updated July 2012


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