Broadband Internet Services

B´net offers a full range of broadband internet connections where traditional phone services or other networks just dont reach. No Phone Line No Problem! We have you covered....

Not here all year? Dónt Worry.....We also offer a Pay N´Go service so you or your tenants have internet when you want it.

Our services have no Data Limits, (so no surprises to your monthly bill like you get when you use a 3g dongle) and our flexible broadband packages are available subject to your internet requirements.
D´ont worry we will help you select the best pacakage for your needs.

B´netwifi is a professional telecommunications company and really do understand that no two installations are ever the same, so whatever your requirements, just ask us for a custom designed solution to suit your property and specifications. Our basic installation fee including radio receiver, power supply & approx 10m of outdoor grade network cable starts at just €125.

Wifi routers are always available and we stock several different models to accomodate different solutions. We create & install mesh wifi networks / mesh wifi extenders for the larger property or for commercial locations like hotels, resorts, shopping centers, cafes, bars etc.

We also design bespoke systems for Communities and Urbanisations and our professional installation teams are able to offer you our fast, friendly and efficient service in English, Spanish and German.

B´net are now able to offer the full range of FosCam CCTV cameras to compliment our security solutions. The cameras allow you to remotely view and monitor your property from anywhere with an internet connection. (Foscam Cameras offer 2-way audio, wired and wifi network connections, infrared nightvision, remote pan/tilt movement facility, and alarm triggers that send you emails with photos - plus many other features)

Need Information on our Pay N´Go Internet Packages....Just Ask Us?