Bnet HotZone FAQ Section - HotSpot Questions & Answers

We understand that sometimes we just cannot cover all aspects of our services and all of your questions within the website but below are some of the answers to questions we get asked.

If we have not answered you question.....please contact us and ask us?

Question - Are Your Systems Really Self-Install / Plug N´Play?
Answer - Yes, Unpack, Connect to your router, Switch On and your HotZone will be active.

Question - Are the Units Compatible with My Broadband Connection?
Answer - Yes, Our Hotspot Radio Gateway Units connect via network cable, hence they are fully compatible and able to connect to your ADSL or Broadband Router.

Question - What does the Basic Self Install Pack Include?
Answer - The basic Packs include your Hotspot Radio Unit, Power Supply, Network Cable to connect to your router, and the PDF files ready to print for venue advertising / signs.

Question - What Accessories / extra Hardware do you charge for?
Answer - If you need a larger antenna then we stock several different models, and we also have a custom designed enclosure for the Bnet Mesh Radio Units that is fully waterproof, and hence suitable for indoor / ourdoor installation and includes a POE (Power over Ethernet) interface. We also charge extra for longer interconnection network cables.

Question - Do your Costs include VAT / IVA?
Answer - No....You need to add VAT / IVA to all costs.

Question - What Splash Page Customization is included with the basic package?
Answer - We will replace the Top Image in the Splash Page along with 2 of the smaller banner images with your custom images, and customize the colours of the text sections so that the Hotspot has a goiod likeness to your business image.

Question - I have a very Large and Busy Venue - Will you Consider to Supply the Equipment?
Answer - The simple answer is that we are willing to look at all/any new business opportunities and yes we do supply complete systems at our cost occasionally, where of course our revenue share options / commissions do differ from the normal packages. Ask Us...???

Question - Can we Add a Secondary Splash Page so that Clients will see our messages?
Answer - Yes we can make clients view a 2nd page before gaining internet access..

Question - Can I use this type of system to share internet with my neighbours?
Answer - Yes you can and there are many Mesh Wifi Hotspot Networks in operation that do just this, and also share connections with low income users.

Question - Do the hotspots and hardware comply with local / regional regulations?
Answer - Yes all of our systems operate in the ETSI approved 2.4ghz wifi bands, have CE appproval and the management systems that we use to bill / track users makes all systems legally compliant.

Question - Do People really Look for Free WiFi at Cafes / Venues?
Answer - Google it, and you will see how this boosted revenues even for company´s like Starbucks, and McDonalds. Free WiFi Attracts Business....

Question - Can you supply Battery Operated Systems - We are Really Remote?
Answer - Yes we have designed and installed both battery systems, solar powered systems, and we have supplied and installed wifi hotspots / services in some really remote parts of both Europe, Africa and Other Areas - We do like a Technical Challenge!!!

Question - I still have a question - What should I do?
Answer - Relax, read a good book, no seriously - please call or email us and ask.

Bnet HotZone FAQ´s...Updated Sept 2012


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